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      Weekend Leader Nomination Documents

Weekend Leader Nomination Form

Kairos Leadership Requirements (All Programs)

      Advisory Council Resources

Advisory Council Operating Procedures

Financial Policies and Practices

Job Descriptions – Financial Policies and Practices

Kairos Volunteer Code of Conduct

Advisory Council Report to State Chapter Committee This is the template for the regular report required of each Advisory Council.

Institutional Memorandum This Institutional Memorandum governs the relationship between the Kairos team and the Institution being served.

      Excellence Initiative (EI)

Excellence Initiative Survey Flow (Who Does What and When)

Kairos Inside EI Interview Questions
Kairos Outside EI Interview Questions
Kairos Torch EI Interview Questions

Kairos Excellence Initiative Instructions

      Kairos Inside Graduate List

This provides the Advisory Council a way to prevent inmates from potentially being selected for a 2nd weekend; and ensure that as many as possible have the Kairos experience.

Kairos Graduate list (click to download Excel Version)or click to download PDF Version



This PowerPoint presentation provides some guidance for presenting Kairos to groups:

Talking Points for Presenting Kairos to Groups – 2011

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      Kairos Torch Resources

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